Why Allion

As the Apple Mac market share has increased over the past 10 years, it has led to the development of accessories products. Vendors need to provide high-quality Mac accessories that have good connectivity, stability, and functionality that work harmoniously with the MacOS ecosystem, so as not to let consumers have a negative impression on the products due to interoperability issues.
  A Professional Test Laboratory with the Largest Mac Collection
Allion has, since 2010, been upgrading Mac models every year, including Mac series, such as Mac Mini and Mac pro, all-in-one iMac series, and portable MacBook. In the past three years, the Test Lab’s testing Data Center has been in line with Apple’s yearly launched models, leading the industry by covering up to 100% of the model in every Mac series.

  Comprehensive Testing Solutions for the MacOS Ecosystem
Allion’s Mac Test Lab has the most complete testing equipment and latest MacOS operating systems, is able to simulate diverse user scenarios, and find out the critical issues through various and repetitive testing, focusing on connectivity, functionality, and integration of software and hardware.

  One-stop Shop Services
A one-stop shop removes the need to work with different third-party organizations and leverages your limited resources. Our services include 30+ logo certifications authorized by international associations, customized product validation services, technical consultation services, ODM/OEM project management and also marketing services to fulfill your diverse needs.

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