Do those common issues happen in your customers’ daily Lives?
For those Apple fans who enjoy working or doing whatever they want within the Mac ecosystem. It’s a life style. But now, you get lots of complaints of your Mac accessory product. You would like to prevent the critical issues in advance or wait till customers’ complaints in the market?

  Mac Accessories QA Certification Program Now Available
Create Perfect User Experiences

People exchange information or idea everyday online or offline. Poor user experiences could make a significant impact on other buyers’ purchase decisions and even damage the brand. To better perfect user experiences, you need a complete and rigorous testing process to ensure your product quality before product launch.

Effective Troubleshooting

As the new iPad Pro changed from Lightning port to USB-C port in 2018, USB-C is no longer a novelty but an emerging connectivity standard for Apple products. USB Type-C technology compared with legacy is not only more sophisticated, but also superiorly more flexible. You need experts to identify complicated technical issues than ever.

  Benefits to Join the Program
Those mac accessories which have been tested and passing the QA program will receive Allion’s test certificate, a high quality proof for product or channel marketing. The certificate is one of Apple’s pre-requests to get into Mac Store.