To deliver quality and confidence in the Apple Mac OS ecosystem, Allion has launched the Mac accessories QA program for Mac accessories. The program defines the test specifications aiming to ensure your Mac accessory products to meet the performance standards, in terms of connectivity, s tability, functionality and interoperability.

Those Mac accessories passing the QA program will receive Allion’s test certificate, one of Apple’s pre-requests to get into Mac Store, also a high quality proof for product or channel marketing. The certificate can also be customized the languages based on vendor’s request.
  Test Category: USB-C Accessories
The USB-C accessories for Mac are expected to grow increasingly. As Apple adopts USB-C on all of its modern Macs, a huge portion of accessories is compatible with USB-C, adding additional power and speed to people’s computing experiences.

  Test Category: Bluetooth Accessories
Bluetooth gives users freedom of movement by getting rid of cords. Since Apple’s 2nd generation Airpods introduces Bluetooth 5.0, it offers users better range for wireless connectivity. Pairing issues, dis-connectivity after paring are also user’s concerns.

  How to Join the Program?
Please follow the porgram flow and contact us at macqa@allion.com